Why Us

Many Alaskan Lodges, Camps, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Resorts, and other accommodation services are in place throughout this vast state to host you on your next vacation to the Last Frontier. Most of them are top notch services that we are confident would not let you down! However, each of us are different. Below is a list of characteristics that set us apart from the rest, and we feel are important to whether you choose to visit Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge, or not.

Location Location Location!

By now you know we’re located on remote Raspberry Island in the Kodiak Island Archipelago, right on the shore of Raspberry Strait. There isn’t a town or city on Raspberry Island, so don’t expect to see many other people. We are surrounded by the wilds of Raspberry and nearby Afognak Islands, and live among the area’s rich and diverse flora and fauna. We don’t have to travel far to begin your hunt, and some start right from the lodge. Many other lodges in the state and in the Kodiak area are located in a town or village, and if the weather is bad, they may not be able to get you into the field that day. We live in the field. Next, much of the land we hunt is private; our packages include the right to hunt on this private property.

Second Generation Hosts

Birch was raised on this exact piece of property. His parents, Lee and Cilla Robbins, bought the bare piece of property and moved their family into Alaska’s Bush when Birch was five years old. Everything on our piece of property has been built by two generations of Robbins families, much of it from lumber Birch’s dad milled with a chainsaw sawmill. Tiffany and Birch met in 2001 at the lodge, and were married on our main observation deck in May of 2003. Buying the lodge from Birch’s parents in the spring of 2008, we now live at the lodge year round and are raising our two kids, Fisher and Sage, here. This intimate knowledge of the locale and experience we have gained through such history is revealed every day.

Our Lodge and Cabins

Our lodge has been designed and developed to offer a comfortable resting place between the day’s activities and a relaxing base camp in the middle of some of Kodiak and Alaska’s most beautiful environment. We do not offer rooms in our lodge; instead we have six private guest cabins on our property. Each is built to ensure privacy, demonstrates the abundant view, and has it’s own bathroom. We never mix groups traveling independently from one another into the same cabin, and couples always receive their own cabin. Supporting our cabins and lodge is an outdoor jetted hot tub, wood fired banya (sauna), and variety of observation decks. Our facility is powered by a quiet, clean hydro electric system, providing electricity to the entire property 24/7.


We carefully handcraft each meal every day from scratch. We like to feature choice cuts of meat, hearty pastas, hand made breads, crisp salads, and of course, complimenting, daily prepared desserts. Many of our recipes are refined through two generations in this business and all are welcomed by our new and returning guests.

Complimentary Beer and Wine

Our lodge liquor license enables us to serve you alcohol, and enables you to legally consume it outside of your private room or cabin upon arriving. We offer two kinds of beer on tap, brewed right in Kodiak, Alaska, by the Kodiak Island Brewing Company, and a variety of quality wines paired to our recipes by a sommelier.

Our Packages

The variety of packages we offer are meant to easily combine the activities we provide into one trip, or specifically focus on one or two of them during your stay. Further, we do not require a specific length of stay, nor do we request you arrive and/or depart on a specific day. Our extensive website helps define each of the activities we offer, and our list of popular packages on our reservations page give you an idea of what we can do and what we charge for each scenario. It is easy to prepare custom packages based on length of stay and species targeted during your hunt. Lastly, yet perhaps most importantly, we always welcome your questions, comments, and thoughts regarding a trip to Kodiak via email or telephone, and will give you honest feedback.

It’s amazing when you find new ways to experience the beauty of this state as local Alaskans. My husband and I will definitely be back! ~ Kym V. Alaska