Terrain & Weather

The bays, sloughs, and channels around Kodiak, Raspberry, and Afognak Islands offer good protection and feed to the birds wintering in our area. That being said, this is still Kodiak, Alaska, in the middle of winter. We often encounter strong winds, waves, ice, snow, cold, and rain. Some days may be too stormy to even board the boats to hunt away from the lodge.

However, the birds are still out there and we don’t have to go far to get into some great hunting; if the weather is too foul to get out in the boats we can simply walk along the coast and hunt the very productive coastline in front of the lodge. Or, if the weather is moderate on one side of the island, it is easy to simply run to the other side, and get into the lee out of the wind. Our heated catamarans make traveling comfortable and safe. Understand calm days can be plentiful, as well.

When not hunting from the layout boat we will set up beach blinds in various locations depending on the species targeted and movement of the birds. We provide the appropriate camouflage and layout seating, and may be hunting on shale beaches, in large rock piles, or nestled into grassy banks on the edge of the water.  We will provide advice on suitable clothing for hunting during our late season—wind shells, good rain gear, neoprene and fleece rule the day.

We came to Alaska for the awe and beauty of the great outdoors — and we were not disappointed! But what we found that we were not expecting were our wonderful hosts, their beautiful, enjoyable children and a very warm and caring staff. ~John and Sherri O. Minnesota