Kodiak Raspberry Remote Island Lodge

The Hunting

Sea Duck Hunting around Raspberry Island is typically done from a beach blind, from our one or two person Bankes Layout Boats, or from our 28’ open duck boat. We believe fair chase hunts and decoy the birds to us, focusing on the birds’ travel routes or daily destinations at different times of the day. Our area is very tidal, so we will typically hunt an area then move as the day and feeding patterns adjust. Weather of course also plays a big factor and we move and plan accordingly.

First light on Kodiak is typically around 8-8:30am, and the day’s hunt concludes around 4:30-5pm during duck season. This means we can still focus on that prime first light opportunity; and do it after a full breakfast with plenty of time to get ready.

Our hunts typically focus on species specific trophy collecting. We are happy to focus all of our resources and hunting styles toward achieving your goals. While Alaska waterfowl limits are generous, we prefer switching species once a mountable bird or two have been harvested; for example, once you harvest a pair of mountable Harlequins we’d like to move to, say, targeting White Winged Scoters vs depleting the local Harlequin population for sport.

It is also easy to combine into our duck hunts big game hunting as well as fox hunting.

Amazing Hunt! The lodge is fantastic, beautiful weather (slight wind of 55 mph) made this a trip of a lifetime. Birch and Tiffany made us feel completely at home. Food is worth the trip alone. Thanks Again! ~ Ryan, Steve, and Hunter M. Alaska