The Ducks

Sea Duck Hunting with Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge can be outstanding. Our region hosts a wide variety of birds wintering in our area.  Harlequin Ducks and Barrow’s and Common Goldeneye are very numerous along gravel beaches and rocky points, while Bufflehead, Greater Scaup, Mallards, and some Wigeon and Teal inhabit sheltered bays.  Long-tailed ducks and the Surf, Black, and White Winged Scoters feed in specific open water areas. While our area does have some King and Common Eiders, they are truly rare, and should not be the focus of your trip.  The diversity of species and opportunities to hunt these different habitats makes every day on the water interesting!

Hunting the Kodiak Island Archipelago is especially unique because our duck season is October through late January; the diverse community of birds wintering here includes species seldom found on inland marshes during fall and their winter plumage is full and truly beautiful.

While many hunters have perpetuated the idea that Sea Ducks don’t taste good, palatability is largely related to the habitats and foods of various species, as well as care of the meat after harvest. Except for mergansers, sea ducks are not “fishy”—most of our diving ducks feed on clams and small crabs etc. in clean cold water and provide the tasty centerpiece of a special meal.  We feel that if taken care of properly and prepared with proven recipes, the table value can be excellent. For example, it’s hard to go wrong if you marinate fresh duck breasts in a light brine with herbs, then sear them until rare; you will have a tender main course. Diving ducks are also good in casseroles, stews and gumbos.  Or you can soak breast meat in baking soda overnight and drop them off with your local butcher to turn into teriyaki or pepper sticks. We feel the result is actually better than deer processed in the same fashion. We enjoy sharing our other recipes and encourage some good wing shooting in between shots at that full dress Harlequin Drake or perfect male Surf Scoter. Kodiak limits are generous and the birds are abundant.

Thanks for the opportunity to hunt the Raspberry Island area and to learn of the wonderful opportunities for duck hunting and retrievers in Kodiak…. You and your family were spectacular in your hospitality and the effort you made to put us into the right places was excellent…. You certainly have a great location. ~ Mike B. Alaska