Our operating season is very short and we only offer five cabins, which typically reserve early.  It is common for us to turn potential guests away throughout the year because we’re already fully booked at that time.  To protect our limited window of opportunity to earn a living, we must adhere to a fairly rigid cancellation policy.

For reservations made a calendar year or more prior to your trip, we request a $500 per person deposit to secure your dates.  You may change these dates, based on our availability, up to January 15 of the year you would like to visit.  At that time we request a second deposit to equal, in combination with the initial $500 per person deposit, fifty percent of your total trip.  The remaining fifty percent is due sixty days before your arrival.

If you delay or cancel your trip for any reason, your deposit(s) will not be fully or partially refunded (other than for weather related reasons, discussed below).

Please know weather can delay or hinder your stay anywhere in Alaska.  This typically happens to us about four times each summer.

  • If your arrival to Raspberry Island is delayed due to Alaskan weather, or part of your trip is cancelled while you are at the lodge due to weather, we will reimburse you the value of that portion of our package.
  • If you decide to cancel your trip to Raspberry Island due to Alaskan weather delays while traveling to Raspberry Island, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule your trip later in the year, or the following year.  We cannot roll your deposit into any year beyond the next year and will retain your deposits if our schedules don’t coordinate.
  • If you choose to depart early because of bad weather forecasted for the coming days, you will not be refunded for the days missed.
  • Finally if your departure from the lodge is delayed due to weather, we will not charge extra for the time spent here at the lodge.

Weather could not have been any nicer.  Warm and sunny – which was an unexpected surprise!  Fishing was fantastic – we will be taking home a lot of fish.  Birch, Tiffany and Crew did an outstanding job with everything!  Hope to come back soon.
~ Kjell and Laura Mattson,  Minnesota